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60,000 m2 with destination Europe.

Transport & Forwarding

Benelux, France and Germany. Door to door.

Fulfilment & Value Addes Services

B2B, B2C using our robots.


About Versteijnen

In a dynamic world, we are constantly in motion. We think with you and are flexible and dynamic. We have to be, because the world is our workplace.

As a logistics service provider, we are constantly looking for customised solutions and added value for our customers.

Founded in 1946, we have grown into a reliable international player while retaining the informal character of a close family business.


Founded in

Versteijnen in figures


cups of coffee

table tennis tables

pinball machines


Our staff

Solving complex logistics issues requires the best people. And it just so happens that they work for us!

Want to know what it’s like to work at Versteijnen? A number of employees are happy to tell you. Want to know what it’s like to work at Versteijnen?