Natalia Kryszczak

”The original plan was to work for only 3 months at Versteijnen, but these 3 months became 11 years.”

Aan het woord: Natalia, Teamleidster Warehouse

I’m Natalia, department team leader. For the past eleven years, I have been working for Versteijnen, while currently living in Tilburg. I ended up here because I was looking for a challenging new job with opportunities. At Versteijnen, I found a position with stable hours and nice co-workers, and every day is different.  

There’s lots of room for professional growth as well. I started out as a production worker and eventually grew to become a team leader in an international company with people from all over the world.  


That’s one thing I specifically like about working here: my boss always opens doors for me and is very cooperative. The freedom of work and trust I get is important to me. But above all, I consider the people I work with the biggest asset of my job. We’re a very good team and we help each other out a lot. Being able to work with my friends always motivates me to go to work every day.