John Lemmens

“The best part of my job? I’m creating something from nothing.”

John, all-round logistics employee

My name is John and I have been working at Versteijnen since 2018, where I am in the order picking ADR department. So, we make sure that the orders that are ready are loaded. The best part of my job? I’m creating something from nothing. It needs to be 100% correct when it leaves the building, that’s the main thing. As long as it’s done right, because in the event of a spill, the whole hall would have to be closed.

It’s nice that Versteijnen entrusts me with that responsibility. They offered me a permanent contract at 59, which shows they have faith in me. I’ve found my place now and I try to do everything as best I can.

One of the pluses about Versteijnen as an employer is that it is a family business. Large, but manageable. . It’s like working at a listed company, but still being able to express yourself in your daily tasks. It feels like an ‘traditional’ family business – they know how to find you quickly when needed. Maybe this is the company where I will work until I retire. But I’m not thinking about that right now. I’ve still got plenty to do here!