“The employees are what comes first here”

Boy, transport planner

My name is Boy, and I have been working at Versteijnen Logistics for about a year now. I am a planner for the Germany region, which also includes Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland. We handle the distribution for several customers.

Every day, I have contact with the drivers and customers to make sure everyone stays happy: that’s what I like most about my job. It also means that every day is different: there’s always a new puzzle to be solved and a deadline to be met. I have a lot of responsibility, but I also have the time and space to develop at Versteijnen.

Ultimately, the social aspect is why I started working here. Versteijnen is, in fact, truly a social employer. I haven’t worked here very long, not even a year, but I soon noticed that the staff here comes first. You can see that in the team. I have a lot of contact with all the departments that are close by – the lines are short and the contact is pleasant. We get coffee for each other and order sandwiches on Friday. Despite coming from different departments, we are truly a team.